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Doctors of Poomully Mana

Dr. Saraswathy M (Aparna Poomully Mana)

BAMS, MS Ay (Salyatantra)

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam.

Dr. Arathi M (Arathi Poomully Mana)


Languages: English, Tamil, Malayalam.



Use the online video consultation form above with your complete details. Choose a doctor of your choice at the date & time available from the calendar for doctor's video / virtual consultation. Make payment of doctor's consultation fees online – ₹ 400/- per virtual consultation (upto 15 minutes). Then you will get an email confirmation. You may contact through WhatsApp / call at 9846239545 (Neelakandan Poomully) or 8943933977 (Vasudevan Poomully) for assistance while applying for online consultation with our doctors. After virtual doctor's consultation 1. Doctor may either suggests medicine and diet which can be followed at home. or 2. Doctor may advise to visit our centre for direct consultation and inpatient treatments. Need to take Rtpcr test negative report taken within 48 hours before admission by patient as well as the bystander(if any). Need to make advance reservation. or 3. Doctor may recommend to consult your nearby doctor/hospital for treatments/investigations. After the video consultation if any medicines are recommended by the doctor we can send (only if inside India and depending upon working of courier services) it to you upon payment of the medicine price and courier charges. NB: For follow-up video consultations please take prior appointment in the above manner. In case you were not able to attend consultation in the prefixed time you may contact Mr. Neelakandan Poomully @ 9846239545 or Mr. Vasudevan Poomully @ 8943933977 and reschedule the appointment according to doctors availablity.  


No warranties or guaranties or assurances of any kind are given to you by our doctors or management with regard to the results in following the medicines suggested / opinion(s) expressed in response to questionnaire, e-mail queries, WhatsApp, Skype consultation, video conference and details forwarded by you to us. The recommendations/advice through online is not a substitute to consulting a doctor in the clinic or hospital. Medical advice asked and accepted through the Internet or phone (without physically consulting the patient) is at the patient's own risk. It is advisable to consult your doctor/hospital nearby without delay for any urgent or emergency medical conditions. The fee mentioned herewith are subject to change without prior notice. By applying for the online consultation you agree with this disclaimer policy and give consent for online doctors consultation with Dr.Saraswathy.M (Aparna Poomully Mana), Dr.Arathi.M (Arathi Poomully Mana).